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Digital Coupon Fundraising to Skyrocket Your Development Results

Digitize Your Fundraiser •   Engage Your Team  •  Increase Your Funds

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Fundraising Should Not Be Scattered nor Confusing

  • Our last few fundraisers didn’t raise the money we hoped

  • New fundraisers are too difficult to set up

  • I don’t have the time to find a new fundraiser

  • COVID-19 has disrupted our annual fundraiser

  • We are having trouble getting team buy in

  • We handle all our fundraising manually with envelopes of cash

  • We have good ideas but can’t get organized

  • We have no idea how to take credit card

  • We wish fundraising would be simpler

Sound familiar? You’re not alone in your frustrations.

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Increase Your Impact with a Digital Coupon Fundraiser

We get it, fundraising is hard. There are too many complicated barriers, which makes trying to raise money for your organization a real headache.

National Gold Fundraising streamlines the fundraising process and gives you an easy-to-operate fundraiser–all at zero cost to your organization.

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How Digital Coupon Fundraising Works

1. Set Up Your Fundraiser

Together, we’ll create a specific fundraising plan to help you get the funding you need.

2. Access Local & National Coupons

National Gold Fundraising has partnerships with local and national brands.

3. Raise More Money

Achieve your fundraising goals and continue to make the world a better place.

Have an existing partnership? Let us know and we can add their offer to our app.

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Digital Coupon Deliverables

  • Easy to use software to manage your fundraising campaign
  • App-based digital fundraising
  • Customizable text, email, and social media templates
  • A simple, repeatable fundraising method

  • Years of fundraising frustration now resolved

  • Action that brings the funding results you’re hoping for

  • Personal fundraising mentor to help you with your campaign

  • 1:1 technical support and educational videos
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How Will Your Organization Benefit from Digital Coupon Fundraising?

National Gold Fundraising digitizes the traditional coupon fundraiser and allows you to spread the word and raise money with just a few clicks. We do this through partnerships with local and national brands to offer exclusive coupons for your supporters.

Have you struggled with the mess of discount cards and coupon books? Does your existing fundraising efforts require you to carry around a physical order form? Have you ever had someone accidentally misplace their envelope of cash? Leave these worries behind.

Together, we’ll work to find businesses to offer digital coupons to your supporters. We’ll take the pressure off of you and manage the relationship with them, allowing you to focus solely on spreading the word to your supporters. Our exclusive partnerships with national brands allows you to run your fundraiser across the entire United States. This means your group doesn’t have to rely solely on your local community. Our national partners include brands like Sam’s Club, The UPS Store, JC Penny and Foot Locker, just to name a few.

What This Means for Your Supporters

Just like the traditional coupon card, your supporters have a small buy-in fee (typically $10-20) in order to access the coupons. They can access the coupons through our mobile app, meaning they never have to worry about forgetting their coupon card.

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Don’t Settle for a Fundraiser That Doesn’t Bring in Results

Digitize your next fundraiser, reach more people, and raise more money than you ever have before with digital coupons.

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