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Have you been frustrated by fundraising campaigns that:

  • Don’t actually raise any money?
  • Are difficult to set up?

  • Take up too much time with little payoff?
  • Don’t provide you any support?
  • Are hard to track the impact of?
  • Look promising but don’t actually deliver?

Increase Your Impact with a Turnkey Digital Application

Fundraising is hard. There are many moving parts and keeping track of both barriers and successes to improve your program can be a real headache.

With NGF digital platform we minimize the moving parts and give you one easy to use application to get the job done with no costs to the organization.

You will be able to easily:

  • Increase fundraising capacity
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Recognize key team players
  • Locate target areas of success
  • Manage all your fundraisers from one location
  • Make a bigger impact on your organization

How It Works

1. Schedule a Demo

Learn how to access the power of digital fundraising in just a few simple steps.

2. Set Up Your Fundraiser

Together, we will create a fundraising plan to help you reach and exceed your goals.

3. Start Connecting

With the NGF application you can stop micro-managing your processes and start connecting with people.

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Why You Will Love NGF


Never leave home without valued coupons again. NGF puts the power of the coupons you sell directly in the application for easy access by your participants.


With National Gold Fundraising’s powerful analytics software you can:

  1. Easily gamify your fundraiser
  2. Track participants sales
  3. Watch your funds increase in real time


Want to bring more potential to all of your fundraising efforts?

NGF incorporates your existing fundraiser onto our digital platform for you. You can manage, share and fundraise all your initiatives from one easy to use location.

Your Life Just Got Easier

At National Gold Fundraising, we have a passion for student organizations. Our goal is to simplify fundraising efforts by empowering teams with scalable and accessible technology. When you have technology that does the heavy lifting of processes for you, it gives people more time to connect with people… and connections create opportunities.

National Gold Fundraising will digitize your fundraising efforts, making fundraising as easy as 1,2,3.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. Schedule a Demo: In the demo, we will walk you through the discovery process. We will learn about you, and you will learn about us. We will suggest a fundraising track that is in alignment with the goals and vision of your organization.
  2. Dashboard Launch: Once your fundraising track is determined, we set you up with an easy to use dashboard. The dashboard is command central for all of your fundraisers.
  3. Fundraising Assignments: From here, you can assign fundraising captains and begin to raise money for your organization. The best part? You can track their sales, send progress text messages, and review the overall fundraising campaign success.

Schedule your demo today. There are absolutely no costs to the organizations to become a part of the NGF family. So, what’s stopping you?

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Prepare for Take-Off

With the NGF engine in the palm of your hands you will have:

  • Easy to use fundraising interface

  • Powerful analytics to track your successes

  • Opportunities for all-in-one fundraising

  • Customizable email and text message templates for spreading the word

  • Personal fundraising mentor to help you with your campaign

  • 1:1 technical support and education videos

  • Prize packages to gamify and motivate your leaders

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